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We deliver potable drinking water to residential customers who need water to fill up their household tanks or to fill up their swimming pools or large ponds.


We are able to fill water tanks, swimming pools, water for cleaning and water for livestock.


Our bulk potable water supply is from secure drinking water filling points with a clean and hygienic water delivery process.


If you are in need of emergency water delivery, look no further than the team at Hawke’s Bay Water.


Fast and reliable water delivery and great customer service is what we're passionate about. We're a Kiwi owned family run business with a focus on community. We love helping families who live on tank water + we fill lots of swimming pools. Quick and easy online ordering. We're the first water carrier in Hawkes Bay to offer Afterpay so if money is tight and you need water in a hurry, we'll fill your water tank up straight away and you can spread payment over several weeks interest free. If you need water fast, we're here to help.

Why you can trust Hawkes Bay Water

Fast and reliable 7-day delivery

Easy online ordering

We support the community

We can service 1.5 million litres per day!

Easy payment options

Instantly receive WINZ quotes

Great communication

We have fun competitions!